Time and life. 

This is the post excerpt.



Time is a funny thing, one day you are a little girl running fast to an unknowable  future, and suddenly you are an adult, not sure of who you are or what you are doing.  You just want to go back to times when things are simple.

What if you could??  …….. Maybe we go back to see ourselves as younger people, still us but different.  If only we could go back, then maybe we could change the future. 

What if you could?? ………

Would you?? 


With tears and sadness in my heart, I dedicate this certificate to you, Apostle.
I wish I wouldn’t have to write this with tears. I wish you are here while I write this. But the Good Lord didn’t will that to happen.
I remember how we always talk about this. How you always make jest of me, about how excited I was to wear the NYSC kit. You always say I will look amazing in the kits- jungle boots, crested vest, cap, and I did, just like you said😊. We looked forward to this phase of my life “together”. But, like you often say “It is well”, it truly is well.
Today June 27th 2019, this phase is over.
Glory be to God.

I did it😊.


The most tiring feeling is to love. You give yourself to someone fully and let your walls down, but how many people deserve it? It feels like love is used to create a sense of belonging, but what happens when it ends? Your walls gets knocked down and you trust a little less. It’s a cycle of life, probably. There are lots of people who want to find someone they belong to, but that shouldn’t stop them from loving themselves. We put all our energy to keep the person we lo

ve. It doesn’t make sense anymore.

Right now, try to find yourself and see where life will take you. Don’t search for love or other distractions. It’s time to just go with the flow. Feeling lonely isn’t the end of the world, there’s so many other emotions out there that can stop it. People need to know that after every heartbreak, there are plenty of other possibilities waiting to happen.

How can we love another, when we don’t love ourselves? The way we feel about ourselves will only drive the one we love away because we keep mentioning our flaws, and they finally see them when we let them in. We keep pushing them to think about us the way we think about ourselves, because we all keep thinking and we keep thinking until we over think.

Who knows? You might end up in a situation where you can’t control yourself, and end up happier than you are now, but right now, focusing on yourself is the best thing to do. You need to be comfortable with yourself before you let anyone else in, if that makes sense……

We are worth more than we think. It may take some time to adjust to the changes of being lonely, but loving yourself is the most important in life. Its hard to expect to be loved if you don’t even love yourself.

Queen Vashti and Esther.

Feminism, as a philosophy, has existed for thousands of years, though the focus has always been on vital issues, such as  right to education, voting rights, economic freedom. The global focus has drafted away from these factors to sexual ethics. There has been a spread, especially on the social media’s through various hash tag movements, #MeToo, #MentorHer. 
  In the 21st century, debate hall has recognized two distinctive categories of feminist : The aggressive feminists, who as mostly considered as “misandrist” and non aggressive feminists, who deploys dialogue and emotional manipulation to achieve the feminist goal. 
  Been said earlier that “feminism has existed for thousands of years “, let’s consider the book of Esther in the Holy Bible, where the story of two women is expounded in the early chapters,Vashti and Esther. 
 To cut the story short, Vashti at a point took what qualifies as an aggressive action in terms of the power dynamic of her time by defying the king. Esther, however took a different approach. She ride her good will with the king and engages him in a manner that acknowledges his power and influence. 
  One of the mistake alot of people commit is make out the  Vashti’s of the feminist, fight as misandrist, who simply want the subjugation of the male gender. 
  The anger and actions of most of the misandrist feminists are mostly  a product of their experiences. 
 The problem being a Vashti  is, whatever  message you are trying to pass across, gets buried under the abyss of being seen as a danger to the male rights. 
   When Esther was done with the king, she did not only saved the lives of thousands of her people but had an ally in power and an established influence over the king. 
  “…….The Esther’s and the Vashti’s of this world are a formidable tag team that will have a spectacular effect on the feminist goal as soon as they learn to work together ……..”.


Man’s greatest fear in life is cash… While women greatest weakness is love…

 Many Men kill for money.. While some women can die for love..

 A man without money will think he’s cursed. No matter what a woman has in life… Without love its not enough. When a woman finds true love, she finds her joy. She will take unbelievable risks in the name of love…. 

A woman in love is more powerful,reliable faithful and loyal than hundreds of guards. When a woman is in love she says black is white… Any woman that has never been blindly in love has never fully fallen in love…. 

Relationship is one thing that make most women unhappy in life…. A woman can be anything she wants to be in life but when it comes to her emotion that’s where she’s weak…. 

She was told when growing up that a good character is the easiest way to get a man of her dream,she follows the advice but still ends up broken.

Her life was put on hold in the name of love. She stayed in a relationship for 7yrs with a person who has no plan for her. She was doing everything to make him happy and the man think she’s weak and desperate then took advantage of her.

 Her age and family pressure gets her worried all the time. Everybody thinks something is wrong with her. Her situation makes her believe maybe they are right… 

A woman in love is like a drunk person. She only realizes the damage after the hangover when her eyes are cleared…. 

Love is the only battle that women can’t fight and win…. Just when she says she’s done with love, She falls in love again.

Love is a thing of the heart. It’s hard for a heartless person to fall in love. Inside the heart of every heartbroken woman, are an untold stories of agonies and pains, A broken promise, A shattered dream, A betrayed trust, A wasted time, An unseen painful tears. 

If a man marries many times he will be seen as a STAR but when a woman remarries again she will be called a SLUT….. If she’s free she’s loose and if she minds her own business they call her a snub…. When she was kind people say she was weak but when she becomes wise people call her a bitch…

 Never blame her if u don’t know what she’s been through in life… If you haven’t walked in her shoes don’t run your mouth… Never allow the mistakes of yesterday put your life on hold. Never allow anyone to look down on you because U are still single… Anyone who has never walked in your shoes has no rights to judge you in life….

 Never go into a new relationship until you fully understand why the last one failed…..

Never start a new relationship without praying to GOD and don’t ever use prayer where “Common-sense” is required……..



Time is slow when you wait!

Time is fast when you are late! 

Time is deadly when you are sad! 

Time is short when you are happy! 

Time is endless when you are in pain! 

Time is long when you feel bored! 

Everytime, time is determined by your feelings and your psychological conditions and not by clock. So, strive to have the best of all times. 


women are seen as either angelically virtuous or more often as dangerous, duplicitous or rapaciously greedy.  Women are poorly represented in contemporary, especially male text.  Nigerian male writers rarely paint a positive image of women in their fiction. If we are not depicted as docile wives whose identities are recognized only through their husbands, or they give us gain identity through our motherhood. 

Nigerian literature beginning with pre-Independence publication of Amos Tutuola’s “Palm wine drunkard”(1952) and Chinue Achebe’s “Things fall apart”(1959) depict literature of masculinity. 

The society had no time to waste with the women folk whose significant contribution to the society centered around singing and dancing during ceremonies. Women did not fit much into the heroic cadre of the society, therefore were not subject of literary creation and creativity. Indeed, being in such a society is like being sentenced to a life of insignificance and subsidiary existence. 

Consequently, early writers were more concerned about the dilemma of man rather than the mystery of the woman stuck in the woods, wading through the mud of life unnoticed. For these reasons, women were referred to in abstract term’s as “mother earth”, “river goddess”.

However, independence came with a new vision.  In Achebe’s post Independence publication of “No longer at ease “(1960), we see women equally engaged with men in the pursuit of western education. 

Giving a close look at the representation of women in Nigerian literature, it is evident that stereotyping of such type were carried out by male writers who formed the early teacher’s of literature. 

Here’s to strong women.:

May we know them. 

May we be them. 

May we raise them.